NZFSSRC Annual Symposium, 1 July, Hamilton: Register Now

28 May 2024

Take back your brain; LISTEN to what the smart young things have to say; be prepared as Kim Hill addresses the big question: Is Obesity a Food Safety Issue? Whoa!

Register immediately for the NZFSSRC annual symposium 1 July.

Here’s the full programme.

In addition to the latest on food safety science and research, you will have the opportunity to rewire your brain over breakfast (2 July) – and instead of having to pinch yourself and enlist various other strategies to stay awake after lunch on day one, you will be jolted into full consciousness by GenZer Hamish Darling and his panel of new generation thinkers and doers: Jack Hervey, Trevor Waikawa Jnr, and Jess Chong.  

At the end of the day, after delicious drinks and nibbles with friends and colleagues, a further aperitif: a panel discussion to consider Is Obesity a Food Safety Issue?  You can be sure that chair Kim Hill will be testing the expert panel hard on this proposition.  No patsy questions here.  The panel are already in preparation mode.  They are Lone Jespersen, Roger Cook, Rachael Taylor, and Lisa Te Morenga.

The women’s breakfast (this time, the morning after the symposium so that NZIFST women can come) is always popular but this year will be on another plane.

Author Kara Loewentheil of The School of New Feminist Thought will take you through the premises and remedies in her book: Take back your brain: How a sexist society gets in your head, and how to get it out.
Be there or suffer eternal regret.  What’s more important than reclaiming your brain?

The blokes can sleep in. Until the start of the NZIFST Conference, that is.