Professor Phil Bremer, is in the Food Science Department at the University of Otago. He applies a multi-disciplinary approach involving microbiology, chemistry, sensory science and product development, to gain an understanding of how factors such as raw material selection, product formulation, processing steps, packaging design, storage conditions, sanitation regimes (particularly to control biofilms) and product form impact on a food’s safety, stability (shelf-life), quality (taste, appearance, texture), reputation (consumer perception) and ultimately it’s value in the market place.

Professor Bremer has worked with a wide range of companies on dairy, vegetable, seafood, meat, beer and wine related projects. Phil lectures in the areas of food microbiology, risk assessment and regulation and has had extensive experience supervising students on industry-funded product development projects.

Prior to joining the University of Otago, Phil worked for 10 years in the Seafood Research Unit (Plant & Food Research) in Nelson. He has published over a 150 scientific articles and is active in the NZ Microbiological Society (Past President), the NZ Institute for Food Science and Technology (Fellow, Member of the Executive) and the New Zealand Association for Food Protection (President).