Centre forges new relationship with Lincoln University

The Centre welcomes a new connection with the many great scientists at Lincoln University through foremost food safety researcher, Associate Professor Stephen On.  Stephen is Associate Dean of research and heads Lincoln’s wine, food and molecular biosciences department.  Before that he had 10 years’ experience at ESR, latterly as Chief scientist for food and water. Prior to that he was a researcher in leading organisations in Denmark and the UK. 

Stephen’s research, past and present, includes comparative genomics and virulence studies, disease and outbreak diagnostics, and antibiotic resistance in potentially foodborne pathogens from different agricultural systems. His expertise has been used to inform Government policy and for legal disputes involving contamination of products in the food industry.

At Lincoln he has freedom to pursue a wide research remit, but food safety remains a passion. Current research includes laser light scatter patterns to identify pathogens, with obvious and exciting potential application.

He believes that the Centre is an important consolidation of expertise, and is very pleased to be part of it: “I’d like to think I can make a positive contribution".

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