Recordings of 1 September webinar presentations: Potential Chemical Contaminants in Food

The Centre will routinely record and make available all the webinar presentations which were to be part of the annual symposium programme.

Here are four from the first session on Potential Chemical Contaminants in Food:

Jeane Nicolas, MPI, Impact on human health of microplastics in the New Zealand diet

Peter Cressey, ESR, Nitrates in food and water.  Peter will present the results of a new study into NZers’ intake of nitrate from both food and water, assessing the risk to human health. To view Full Report & Q&A Document. 

Dr Louis Tremblay, Cawthron Institute, University of Auckland, MBIE research project on emerging contaminants – an update

Professor Phil Bremer, UoO, Potential food safety risks from substances unintentionally added to recycled plastics

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