Laura Biessy talks to Cawthron radio about her research into shellfish toxins

Listen to this radio interview with Laura Biessy, who is completing her Centre co-funded PhD research into the shellfish toxin, Tetrodotoxin, which you may recall killed several dogs on Auckland beaches.  She has found that the poison potentially comes from associated cyanobacteria, and is not produced by the shellfish themselves.  They simply accumulate it as filter feeders.  Laura said the poison is found in shellfish in warmer North Island waters, and hardly present in South Island populations, with obvious implications as our oceans warm.

The interview on Cawthron’s community radio station (what a great idea!) was prompted by Laura’s initiative in forming a group of early career researchers, who socialise, swap ideas for funding sources, publication choices, how to write CVs, etc.  Laura came to Nelson from her homeland France, and knows what it’s like to start building a life on your own in a new country, with English as a second language.

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