ESR to conduct HRC-funded research into yersiniosis

With a doubling of reported yersiniosis cases in under five years, ESR science leader Dr Brent Gilpin will be using a $1.3m grant from the Health Research Council (HRC) to learn more about the bacterium,Yersinia enterocolitica, its effects on people, and likely sources of infection, including undercooked pork, pets, farm animals and water (which can be used to irrigate and wash fresh produce).  Dr Anne Midwinter, who works in Massey University’s mEpilab, will compare the virulence of isolates collected from 250 unfortunate sufferers over the next three years, with isolates from food, animals and the environment. The 250 people in the sample will be questioned in detail about what they did prior to becoming sick. 
Read this Stuff article for more information about the ESR, HRC-funded investigation: 

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