Philip is the Manager of the Yili Innovation Centre Oceania in New Zealand which is located on the Lincoln University Campus. He obtained his PhD in Microbiology from the University of Otago and joined BLIS Technologies Limited for 14 years focusing on the development and commercialisation of bacteriocin-producing probiotics specifically for application in the oral cavity. During his time at BLIS Technologies he was involved at various times across all the scientific, manufacturing and regulatory activities of the Company required to bring the probiotics to market. While much of his work has been industry related he has published a number of peer-reviewed publications relating to safety and efficacy of probiotics highlighting a willingness to collaborate closely with the academic community and share results.

Since joining Yili Group and their subsidiary Company Oceania Dairy Limited in 2015, he has managed the Yili Innovation Centre Oceania as part of the global strategy of Yili to access international expertise and continually improve both the Science behind Yili’s product offerings and the internal capability that has underpinned the Company’s success to date.