A website to help members find and compare test kits for pathogens & contaminants


The Cawthron Institute, under the auspices of the Centre, is developing a website for members which sifts and presents succinct information about the different diagnostic tools available for detecting microbes and other contaminants in food – it has started with Listeria, which was identified by the project working group as a high priority target for NZ food producers and processors. The idea is to save industry time researching these products and to help them make informed decisions.  We know that companies are inundated and confused by online information and approaches from marketers of these tools.

The site, called Food Safe Test Kits for Industry, cuts ‘straight to the chase’ with direct comparisons of their ease of use, turn-around time, detection limits, and the level of training required.

This one-stop shop can be expanded to off-the-shelf diagnostic tools for other common problems like E.coli, and potentially contaminants too, such as aflatoxins in peanuts.  But before going any further, we want your feedback on the no frills beta test site, and what you would like to see improved

So far the government, via the Centre, has covered 100% of the cost.

Please give us your thoughts, however brief and informal, as soon as possible. Email tim.harwood@cawthron.org.nz

Dr Tim Harwood, Deputy Director of the Centre


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