See presentation on foodborne viruses by Dr Catherine McLeod

On Friday 28 February, Dr Catherine McLeod, Director of the Centre, used the wonders of digital connectivity to deliver an information-rich presentation on foodborne viruses to the national food safety community. No one had to budge from their desks.
The presentation focussed on norovirus, by far the most dominant viral cause of foodborne illness, and the distant second, Hepatitis A. It’s not surprising that norovirus is such a scourge in hospitals and rest homes. Catherine says it can live on surfaces for many days, and you only need to imbibe a few to become infected. Reported cases are the tip of a very big iceberg. Interest in the transmission pathways of viruses, and their longevity on surfaces, has never been higher with COVID-19 having arrived in the country. Catherine emphasises that there is no evidence of foodborne transmission with COVID-19 to date.
You can view the presentation here.
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