The Centre welcomes the Poultry Industry Association as a member

The Centre is pleased to announce that the Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand (PIANZ) has become one of the first industry members to sign up with the Centre under the new funding regime. Following the mid-term review, the Board has established a membership fee structure that is more affordable for smaller industry groups and individual companies.  Once member industry groups and companies are signed up as members, they can gain full access to the Centre's government co-funding for research projects aligned to their needs, as well as being to participate in the many workshops, seminars and other support structures the Centre provides.
PIANZ represents almost all of the poultry producers in New Zealand and its Executive Director, Michael Brooks, said that membership of the Centre was attractive to PIANZ as they are constantly working on behalf of their members to improve poultry food safety systems in New Zealand. A substantial research project initiated by PIANZ and the Centre seeks to reduce the possibility of Campylobacter entering broiler flocks.  Michael says this research has the potential to be ground-breaking and demonstrate global leadership in this important area.

Today, PIANZ members produce over 125 million chickens a year for local consumption and export. Chicken is the most popular animal protein in New Zealand due to its price and adaptability.

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