Centre Hosts Traceability Workshop

Tracking the origin of foods to the farm, the orchard, the factory, is vital to dealing with food safety events. There are many other qualitative marketing reasons for wanting to validate the provenance of foods. More and more consumers are demanding to know where their food comes from to be assured of its authenticity, quality, animal welfare standards, and so on.

The Centre organised a workshop in Nelson on 17 April to identify the common and different challenges each sector faces, and what role the Centre might play in supporting the development of sector and national measures and methodologies. International Advisory Board Member, Dr Anne Astin, who advised on the establishment of NZFSSRC, facilitated the well-attended meeting, drawing on her vast experience in the Australian food sector. An article on the workshop can be found in theĀ  NZFSSRC newsletter CONSUMED, click here to view.

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