“Dr Harwood is a marine toxin chemist based at the Cawthron Institute in Nelson. He is proud to be involved with the New Zealand Food Safety Science & Research Centre as Deputy Director and leader of the chemometrics science platform.

Tim also leads the MBIE SSIF funded Seafood Safety programme, which is a collaborative multidisciplinary research programme involving scientists from around the country. The programme shares his vision for New Zealand to be a leader in the safety of seafood exports and development of tools/systems for ensuring safety. A recent example of his work is the development of a new improved analytical test method for routine regulatory monitoring of paralytic shellfish toxins. Implementation of this method in the routine Cawthron Biotoxin Laboratory has resulted in benefits for industry, including faster turnaround times, better accuracy and overall cost savings. 

Dr Harwood’s research is internationally recognised, with collaborative projects with scientists from Australia (SARDI), Japan (National Research Institute of Fisheries Science), French Polynesia (Institute Louis Malardé) and England (Cefas).”