This report is from the New Zealand Food Safety and The Food Safety Assurance and Advisory Council research report

The full research report can be downloaded here:
‘The objective of this research was to gain a baseline understanding of how New Zealand food businesses are implementing and maintaining a strong food safety culture in the workplace and across their supply chain.

‘It helps to identify food safety areas where we, as a country, excel and areas where we can do better.
The survey included businesses from the following sectors: Horticulture, food manufacturers/processors, food retail/wholesale and hospitality (cafes, restaurants, caterers, pubs/clubs and takeaways).

‘Overall, the data gained from the 900 surveyed businesses showed New Zealand food businesses have a strong commitment to food safety, with a sense of pride in what they produce, market and sell to maintain a good business/brand reputation.  This is seen by 75% of employees saying that their managers visibly show support for food safety by ‘walking the talk’.  However, with only 3% of food businesses reporting food safety performance back to their employees, there is still work to be done, as part of having a strong food safety system is implementing continuous improvement.

‘86% of respondents said even if nobody was looking, staff would still follow all the food safety rules.  More than 70% of businesses had their staff trained internally or externally. However, only 40% of these businesses included training of their Directors. Also, training is more common in large than small businesses, with serious food safety incidents being one of the major drivers for investing in external training.’

It concludes that ‘a food safety culture must be integrated into business operations and not just a concept in a manual reviewed periodically. It must be championed from the management team down to the employees with a mechanism to set, monitor and review KPIs and provide feedback loops to ensure continuous improvement to allow the food safety culture to evolve.’


Director of NZFSSRC, Distinguished Professor Nigel French, is a member of the Food Safety Assurance & Advisory Council.

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