Data analytics for food safety workshop

Food safety is a major concern worldwide and in New Zealand. Ensuring our food is safe to consume incorporates many facets of research from microbiology to traceability, including detection of adulterants.

Most control processes generate a considerable amount of data that is often under-utilised. There is a worldwide consensus that this data should be used to improve our knowledge of the food chain and its safety and security.

NZFSSRC, in association with The University of Auckland, recently held a workshop to look at the potential for using data analytics in food safety.  The workshop was well attended with over 50 people coming together to listen to speakers from a wide range of backgrounds from New Zealand and Australia.
Some of the feedback received about the workshop included
The smooth running of the event, range of speakers, quality of the discussion and the right balance of formal presentations and Q&A was spot on. 

Thank you for organising an interesting and stimulating workshop on Tuesday, I thoroughly enjoyed attending.
Based on comments at the workshop and feedback received the plan is to develop a research proposal with a few different work packages to look as the use of data analytics in food safety.

For further information please contact Dion O’Neale or Frédérique Vanholsbeeck

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