MPI Launches NZ Food Safety Business Unit

On Monday, 7 May, the Ministry for Primary Industries launched the NZ Food Safety Business Unit. NZFSSRC congratulates Paul Dansted and Allan Kinsella on their appointments.


Paul Dansted – Director, Food Regulation

This directorate will focus on regulatory development and implementation around consumables, including animal products and imported food. It incorporated New Zealand standard setting functions and food implementation programme.


Allan Kinsella – Director, Assurance

This directorate will bring together the responsibility for export assurance activities for plants, wine, organics and food, including the related certification and assurance systems (AP eCert, ePhyto and eWine). The responsibility for live animal exports sit within the Assurance Directorate. It will have the responsibility for chemical & microbiological monitoring and will also regulate and develop standards relating to agricultural chemicals, veterinary medicines and maximum residue limits (MRLs).

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