Workshop | Data Analytics for Food Safety | 19 June 2018 | Auckland

Join us for this year's workshop

Welcome to the Data Analytics for Food Safety Workshop. Food safety is a major concern worldwide and in New Zealand. Ensuring our food is safe to consume incorporates many facets of research from microbiology to traceability, including detection of adulterants.

Most control processes generate a considerable amount of data that is often under-utilised. There is a worldwide consensus that this data should be used to improve our knowledge of the food chain and its safety. This workshop will provide an overview of how data analytics can be used to enhance food safety.

The speakers come from a range of backgrounds and will be talking about data analytics, its issues and potential. Their perspectives represent industry in New Zealand and Australia. Successful projects from a number of sectors will be shared and blockchain and its legal implications will also be presented.

There is a panel discussion at the end of each session which attendees are encouraged to participate in. The workshop is designed to allow ample time for discussion, so we can identify the needs of the New Zealand food safety industry as well as the potential of New Zealand researchers.

The overall objective is to identify future research priorities in data analytics for New Zealand industry.

Anyone with an interest in using data analytics for food safety should attend this workshop. For more information and to register CLICK HERE

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