Mapping Food Safety Science Capability: A survey of who’s doing what in food safety science research in New Zealand:

In response to concerns about the fragmented nature of research in the food safety science research area, and a possible lack of coordination, the Centre has compiled an inventory of who’s doing what in which organisation. Importantly, the Capability Mapping report identifies gaps and weaknesses in our capability and forward planning.

The report will enable the Centre to develop a coherent research programme, identify best teams, and ensure good investment in resources. The inventory provides a benchmark for the Centre’s development in the seven main research themes, led by partner organisations.

Big Data – University of Auckland

Markets and Perceptions – University of Otago

“Omics” – Massey University

Risk Mitigation – AgResearch

Chemometrics – Cawthron Institute

Risk Landscape – Institute of Environmental Science and Research

Advanced Tools & Technologies – Plant & Food Research

The conclusion states, “It was observed in this study that in New Zealand food safety research in the themes “risk mitigation” and “risk landscape” (and potentially also other themes) is focused on more applied aspects or driven by industry or client service type contracts. There is a considerable risk that this capability will focus only on immediate practical needs, without being underpinned by a long-term research agenda that will produce the outputs that are needed to address future challenges.”


A summary of the objectives and key findings of the Capability Mapping Project are available to veiw in storyboard format below.



An important outcome from the Capability Mapping Project was the development of an online, searchable database for anyone wanting to identify individuals and resources available to provide research and advice on food safety:

The Centre thanks all the organisations and 421 scientists who contributed to the Project and to the report, available to view here

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