See article on growing risk of vibriosis in latest issue of FoodNZ

3 February 2023

Serious outbreaks of vibriosis

A succession of serious outbreaks of vibriosis in the last four years - with raw or undercooked seafood as the common link - has prompted a public information campaign by NZ Food Safety and a concentrated effort by the Centre and its partners to understand exactly what is causing the upsurge.  Twenty-five people were hospitalised in the November 2021 - May 2022 outbreak.  Populations of Vibrio flourish in warming oceans, but not all strains cause infection in humans. 
The combined effort of the Cawthron Institute, ESR, Lincoln, Massey, NZ Food Safety and Plant & Food Research are trained on the problem, with the aim of both reducing illness and supporting continued seafood consumption.  Meanwhile, NZ Food Safety is strongly advising the public to cook shellfish thoroughly.  

Read more in the latest issue of FoodNZ magazine (page 21).  And find out a bit more about Distinguished Professor Phil Bremer, the Centre's newly appointed Chief Scientist.