New Te Niwha Report Released: Likely Pandemic Agents and Scenarios

28 November 2023

Te Niwha-funded project

The Centre’s colleagues at Te Niwha have recently released their first report from a Te Niwha-funded project. After New Zealand’s experiences with COVID-19 which continue to affect our work and our families we are sure you will be interested to read this well researched report.

Preventing severe illness, saving lives, and minimising disruption to New Zealanders’ lives is the aim of this report from Te Niwha, the Infectious Diseases Research Platform. The Report was developed in collaboration with Te Pou Hauora Tūmatanui | The Public Health Agency, within the Ministry of Health, to provide a comprehensive approach that considers a range of scenarios and agents, new technologies, and lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Short of time you can read the executive summary of the report and the full report is available on the Te Niwha website.