Join us at the annual symposium, Dunedin, 3 July 2023

9 May 2023

Register now to join us at our Annual Symposium in July 2023.

Seats are already filling fast for the Centre’s first big meet-up since the memorable symposium in Christchurch, 2019. The NZ Food Safety Science & Research Centre symposium is on Monday 3 July and is shared with the first day of the NZ Institute for Food Science & Technology (NZIFST) conference. NZIFST then continues on 4 & 5 July. Both meetings take place alongside the Dunedin International Festival of Science.

This is a chance to network with key people in industry, Māori food safety research, government and science, including international food safety experts who can fill us in on developments overseas.

The symposium will address important issues, such as: is whole genome sequencing up to the hype?, what can we expect as climate change truly bites?, the phenomena of mis- and disinformation, a global perspective on food safety risk ranking, pathogen diagnostics and management, the tension between food safety and sustainability, partnering with Māori for food safety outcomes, what new technologies are emerging, and at the end of the day, RNZ presenter Kim Hill will challenge a line-up of food safety experts to answer the question, “Is science making our food safer?”

See the full programme here.

Women delegates will happily turn out of bed early to attend the special breakfast to discuss ‘imposter syndrome’ and wider issues related to women in science. With Dame Juliet as chair, attendees are bound to leave with elevated confidence and aspiration.

Stay a bit longer and take the opportunity to meet people, see the wildlife, some Festival of Science events, and all that beautiful Otago has to offer.

Register for the symposium, the women’s breakfast, and the Kim Hill event, here.