Protecting and enhancing New Zealand’s reputation for world-leading food safety

The New Zealand Food Safety Science & Research Centre (NZFSSRC) was established to harness the best of scientific expertise from across industry, government and research providers.

Our aim is to provide an internationally credible science base for decision-making in public health and the food industry. Our work focuses on better ways of detecting hazards in the food production chain and reducing the risk of food-borne illness to consumers.


As the Centre develops over time, research outcomes and news items will become available. Advice on food safety can be found here.


Current NZFSSRC Industry Investors are Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ), Meat Industry Association (MIA) and Zespri. Their investment provides them with access to world-class, industry-focused research capability in the area of food safety. We welcome enquiries from interested industry sectors. The NZFSSRC also undertakes fee-for-service research. Contact us to discuss your research needs.

Research | News:

It seems that sewage-contaminated mussels may be the culprit in an outbreak of Paratyphoid Fever in Hawke's Bay which has so far (as at 26 September) hospitalised five out of the six people infected. Three of these people ate shellfish collected from Ahuriri, Napier.

"Although many studies have demonstrated an association between raw milk consumption and lower rates of diseases such as allergies and asthma, the evidence to date is still considered inconclusive, with observed associations being prone to confounding by other exposures. In contrast, the evidence that the consumption of raw milk is associated with ill-health is indisputable - the consumption of unpasteurised milk has been associated with a large number of outbreaks of infectious disease around the world, including New Zealand."

Bringing together infectious diseases scientists and professionals from the fields of human, animal and environmental health.

13 -14 December 2017, Nordmeyer Theatre University of Otago, Wellington